Thursday, June 21, 2007


Here is a little video of Charlie saying and signing "book." You have to wait to the very end of the clip (don't worry it's only 30 seconds long). The word "book" comes out sounding like "but," and he always says it several times together "buta-buta-buta." You will see him sign "book" as well.

My hope is to post several clips showing Charlie signing and saying words (not easy!). We are just so pleased with his progress and really credit the Signing Time series for helping Charlie to learn that he can communicate.


Susan Heilman said...

Hi Kim,
I'm Kelly Bush's friend Sue. Thank you so much for allowing me to mention Charlie in my talk. It's about how individuals with Down Syndrome will NOT develop most cancers at any point in their life (because of a "good" gene on the 21st chromosome that they of course have extra) They may get testicular cancer or one type of leukemia, but they do NOT get ANY other form of cancer. One more miracle about your son. He is absolutely adorable and I love the little movies of him. I will definitely check out your blog again to see how he is doing. I'm so happy for your family that he is doing so well.
- Sue Heilman

Shannon said...

What a smart little boy. He sure made me smile. He is just so darling that I wish I could've picked him right up and snuggled with him.

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