Wednesday, June 20, 2007

curious, inventive, rambunctious, sensitive, affectionate

Many people think that children and adults who have Down Syndrome are all the same. It is a common misconception. The truth is, people who have Down Syndrome have many similar challenges, but in personality, looks, and ambitions are very different. As different as you or I. On the DownSyn Forum we participate on somebody asked what 5 words parents would use to describe their child with Down Syndrome. I posted some of the different responses below. As you can see, each description is unique. Not every description used words like 'happy' and 'content'. No one used the words like 'slow' or 'difficult'. Each child is described in terms we might use to describe typical children.

feminine, gentle, active, funny, and engaged...

observant, cuddly, strong, fearless, joyful

happy, active, determined, interested, cute

funny, flirty, calm, happy, stubborn

cautious, observant, snuggly, charming, and cute.

mischievous, feisty, strong, perceptive and hilarious.

silly, rowdy, a chatter box, energetic, and social

Tempered, persistent, cuddly, stubborn and observant.

And I wrote that Charlie is:
curious, inventive, rambunctious, sensitive, affectionate

All the ideas I had about Down Syndrome when we were facing Charlie's diagnosis were stereotypes that just aren't true. Charlie is nothing like what I had pictured when I was in that place of fear. Last night while getting Charlie ready for bed, a ritual Raymond and I do together whenever we can, Ray looked at me and said, "you know, I just don't think we could have gotten a better baby." It is so true. Charlie is simply an amazing little person. I know we could not love him differently no matter how many chromosomes he has. Everyday I am so amazed that we were given this beautiful gift. A wonderful and unique baby boy.

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Laurie said...

Love your blog...keep it going!!

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