Saturday, June 16, 2007

Father's Day

June 17, 2007
Fathers Day

My dear Raymond,

Today is Father’s Day. Your second Father’s Day. Congratulations. You are a wonderful Daddy.

I love all the things you do for our sweet son. I think it is really special that Charlie spends his mornings with his Dad. I am so thankful for the months you got up to tend to Charlie in the middle of the night. I love all the little games you play with Charlie that are yours and his together. I appreciate that you willingly change Charlie’s diapers no matter what is in there! You know, not all Dads are as involved, as willing to do the dirty work, or wanting to invest so much time in their children. Charlie is so blessed, as am I, to have a Daddy as dedicated and caring as you.

Thank you for being the best Dad ever!

With all my love,


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