Friday, June 29, 2007


Charlie has been sick, and so have I. Actually it was last week we both had a cold. Charlie got a bout of conjuctivitis with his cold - that is, goopy eyes. Poor guy has to endure eye drops 4 times a day until it is gone. Not fun for him, not fun for mommy and daddy. It takes both of us to hold him down, hold open his eyes, and squeek two drops in any way we can. Ugh! We will ALL be glad when the five days of treatment is up!

Lucky me. I just started to feel like I was getting over the cold when I came down with the flu. Yuck! Body aches, fever, sore throat... I tell ya what, carrying a 25 pound toddler everywhere is hard enough, but when you're sick it darn near makes you feel like your heart is going to explode! Oh, and mom and dad (if you are reading this), I was missing all the good care you always gave me when I was sick. Popsicles, chicken broth, the Indiana Jones series on VHS... I was alone, so I just sat Charlie in front of the TV while I lay on the couch in misery. I'm glad to be feeling much better today.

Hey, so pray Charlie does not catch the flu as well. He's got enough going on with three teeth, possibly molars, trying to break through his gums. It can be tough being 17 months old!


Christina said...

Praying Charlie doesn't get it and that you feel better super quick!

~Melissa~ said...

I hope you are feeling better soon - and Charlie doesn't come down with it as badly as you!

Imperfect Christian said...

We've got runny noses, low grade fevers and all kinds of fun stuff here too! Hope Charlie is feeling better soon!

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