Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Baby Signing Time Success Story

Charlie is communicating! It all started a few weeks ago, Tuesday May 22nd, when he began to say and sign "hat." A couple days later he began to say and sign "ball" (sounds like 'bow'). Now he also says "bubbles" (bu-bu), "pop" (bop), "book" (bk), & "dada." He also signs "all done," "milk," "more," "shoes," "train," & "car."

When Charlie was 8 months old we bought him a set of DVD's: Baby Signing Time, volumes 1 & 2. Everyday before naptime we watch a BST DVD together. The DVD's teach American Sign Language through song. And you know what? It works! All of the words Charlie says and signs, with the exception of "bubbles" and "pop," are from the Baby Signing Time collection!

Children with Down Syndrome often develope language later than their typically developing peers. I never thought we would hear our son say his first words at just 16 months old! Now at 17 months he has a total of 12 words, including those he can say and those he can sign, to communicate with! He is learning new signs everyday. Just today I caught him trying to sign "bath" as he watched the "Sleep Song" on volume 2.

Here is a video of Charlie saying and signing his first word, "hat."

Baby Signing Time and the Signing Time series are great for any baby, toddler, or big kid (or adult!). We plan on purchasing the Signing Time series very soon. Be sure to check out their website.

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The Balsis Family said...

Are you kidding me!??! I'm shipping Payton down to your house so you can teach her to sign! I'm so bad!! Charlie, you are awesome dude! I'm glad you are my future son-in-law!!

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