Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Signs

Charlie has begun to sign 'Dad' and 'Mom.' He can also say 'dad,' but 'mom' comes out more like "Bup." It is very exciting. He is now up to 17 signs, and 6 words he can say.

Here's the list of signs:
Hat, Ball, Bear, Car, Eat, More, All Done, Shoes, Sleep/Sleepy, Bath, Dad, Mom, Dog, Shoes, Socks, Book, Play

Here are the words he can say:
Hat, Ball (Bau), Dada, Bubbles (Bubbu), Bath (Bas), Book (Budabudabuda)

He is so excited about learning new signs. And he often tries out new words. One thing is for sure, the kid has a lot to say. When he is playing by himself I hear a running 'commentary' of all he is doing. It goes something like this:

"Uh!....Weoweoweo...Ah!....We!....Ohhhhhh....Dadadadada!...Ch!...Muayda.....hmf!....Ba!..." And so on.

What a sweet and clever boy he is!

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Leticia said...

He most certainly is! Congratulations! Now, you can post that here and brag some more!
I am hosting the first ever Down sydrome blog carnival tomorrow August 12th, on Cause of Our Joy http://cause-of-our-joy.blogspot.com . If you have a favorite post about Down syndrome to share, please email it to me ASAP, and I'll post it.
Don't worry if you missed this one, we'll be doing this every week on different blogs, so you can join in another time, or host it yourself. I just thought this would be a great opportunity to get to know one another better and spread Down syndrome awareness.
Hope to see you at the carnival!
Leticia Velasquez

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