Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Day of School

Charlie and I had our first day of school yesterday. I am taking 6 units at the University to finish up my degree in Psychology. Charlie gets to go to the campus children's center for two hours while I go to classes.

My day was okay. I'm not thrilled to be back in school, but need to get this degree squared away. I'm taking two psych courses. Family Relationships in Contemporary Society (by choice), and Evolutionary Psychology (by requirment).

Charlie's day was fantastic. The minute we walked into his classroom he lit up. Toys, kids, FUN! First we washed his hands at a sink that was at his level. He stood on the floor while I helped him wash up. He thought that was pretty cool. Then we applied the sun screen, put his stuff in his cubby, and before I could even say good buy he had crawled off to play with another little boy. "See ya mom! Don't hurry back!"

He played outside for quite a while, and when I returned to get him he was sitting in a toddler size chair at a toddler size table drinking his milk. The teachers told me that he just had the best time. They said he did great. I knew he would. This is exactly the type of stimulation I was feeling he needed. I am very proud of him!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Back in Cloth

After a one year break from wearing cloth diapers, Charlie's back on the wagon! We switched from cloth to disposables last September as we noticed Charlie was having a hard time learning how to move around with all the bulk between his legs. Well, he doesn't have problems moving around anymore, so we thought we'd go on the hunt for a trimmer cloth diaper that has plenty of room for his "Santa Belly." We are trying out our first brand today. They are called "bum Genius" pocket diapers. Pocket diapers are cloth diapers that have a inner and outer layer of cloth. The outer layer is waterproof and the inner layer is made of fleece. You stuff a special absorbent liner between the two layers. The fleece helps propell the pee into the liner and keeps the skin dry. A must for our rash prone boy. I have to say I love these little diapers. They are perfect for people who have been spoiled by the convenience of disposables. They are one size fits all so we won't have to buy more than one size, and will work for Charlie's future siblings as well. We are expecting a "Mommy's Touch" one-size pocket diaper in the mail this week to try as well. I know most folks who haven't tried cloth will never understand this, but I feel like it is Christmas. I love cloth diapers! There is just something about a baby in a cloth diaper, and diapers hanging on the clothes line.
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