Thursday, March 27, 2008

2 Weeks Old

Calvin is 2 weeks old today. I cannot believe how fast he is growing. He is nursing really well, and already has a little double chin. He is a pretty mellow guy, only crying when he is hungry or is having intestinal discomfort. He has many short periods of alertness, and loves to look at faces and the world around him. He is sleeping great during the day, and we are still waiting for him to work out his days and nights.

Charlie is doing much better. He no longer acts sad or frustrated when I am holding Calvin. He likes to give the baby kisses, and he tries to hug Calvin and pat his head. We are now working on showing Charlie how to be gentle to the baby as he treats him more like a dog than a delicate little human. I am very proud of Charlie. It is hard to adjust your routine and share your parents. He is doing very well.

Ray and I are sleep deprived, but enjoying our new little family. As I mentioned in the last post, Mommy and Daddy need time to adjust to a new sibling in the family. We are figuring all this out day by day, nap time by nap time. We are having fun learning all about our new little Calvin, and are having a sweet time re-bonding with our Charlie. More about my thoughts on re-bonding later. For now here are a couple pictures from week 2 with Calvin.

Easter Sunday Pic. 10 days old.

Charlie and Grandpa on Easter.

A kiss for baby.

Friday, March 21, 2008

First Doctors Appointment & Adjusting

I took Calvin in to the Pediatrician today. It was just a well baby check up to make sure he is doing great. Calvin weighed 8lbs 15oz today! Almost up to 9lbs already!! He is doing really well, and is healthy and growing very fast. His cheeks are starting to pudge up a little bit. He is sleeping really well, nursing well, and is a pretty easy going guy so far.

Charlie has had a really rough time adapting to this new family dynamic. He has been sad about sharing mommy. We have had lots of family help from both my family and Ray's, and Charlie has been a big priority for all of them. They are giving him lots of attention, and he has certainly been hamming it up for them all. Charlie is 25lbs and doesn't walk yet, so caring for him is a very physical job. Fortunately, I have been feeling really good this week, and have been able to take over a lot of Charlie's care again. I think it is helping him to feel better about his world to have mommy back. It is good for me as well to feel like I am still important to Charlie. It was a rough transition for me too! I never considered that all of the family members need to adjust. It didn't feel like a very natural transition at first, but the last two days have been better. It helps that I'm up and about again, and able to ease into a new routine with the help of my family. THANK YOU FAMILY!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Calvin David

It all started...
Tuesday, March 11 I had the feeling we didn't have much time left in this pregnancy, so I had Ray take a couple pictures to commemorate the last 9 months.

Sure enough, labor started the next day, Wednesday, March 12 at 7am. And at 4:01am the next day, Calvin David arrived! We will spare you the pictures of us all that were taken right after birth. After 21 hours of labor, trust me when I tell you they are precious photos to treasure, but NOT a pretty sight!

Here he is. Calvin David, 8lbs 8oz, 20 1/2inches long.

Here's Calvin and Charlie's first time meeting each other. Calvin is half a day old in this picture. We still hadn't put any clothes on him!

3 days old.

Checking out this big world.

Friday, March 14, 2008

He's Here!

Announcing the arrival of Calvin David, born at home March 13, 2008 at 4:01 in the morning. Calvin was born after 21 hours of labor and is healthy, opinionated, and hungry! He weighed in at 8lbs 8oz, and was 20 1/2 inches long. Will post pictures soon!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pregnant Still

Mama's up to being big! Our due date is less than 10 days away. I keep telling myself that there is no way March will pass without us having our baby, so why does it feel like I am going to be pregnant FOREVER!? There is a point at the end of pregnancy where the wonderful feeling of being beautifully pregnant passes, and you begin to feel a little ridiculous. I waddle everywhere I go. I can hardly sit up straight. I am quite a site!

Charlie and I were watching Sesame Street yesterday morning. They were showing how zookeepers wash elephants. When it came time for the reclining elephant to stand up she had to rock back and then throw her legs forward and use the momentum to roll up on to her knees and get up... That's exactly what I have to do to get out of bed in the morning (and the several times I need to get up at night to use the restroom)! Ah, well, any day now we should have a new baby boy to hold : )
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