Thursday, March 27, 2008

2 Weeks Old

Calvin is 2 weeks old today. I cannot believe how fast he is growing. He is nursing really well, and already has a little double chin. He is a pretty mellow guy, only crying when he is hungry or is having intestinal discomfort. He has many short periods of alertness, and loves to look at faces and the world around him. He is sleeping great during the day, and we are still waiting for him to work out his days and nights.

Charlie is doing much better. He no longer acts sad or frustrated when I am holding Calvin. He likes to give the baby kisses, and he tries to hug Calvin and pat his head. We are now working on showing Charlie how to be gentle to the baby as he treats him more like a dog than a delicate little human. I am very proud of Charlie. It is hard to adjust your routine and share your parents. He is doing very well.

Ray and I are sleep deprived, but enjoying our new little family. As I mentioned in the last post, Mommy and Daddy need time to adjust to a new sibling in the family. We are figuring all this out day by day, nap time by nap time. We are having fun learning all about our new little Calvin, and are having a sweet time re-bonding with our Charlie. More about my thoughts on re-bonding later. For now here are a couple pictures from week 2 with Calvin.

Easter Sunday Pic. 10 days old.

Charlie and Grandpa on Easter.

A kiss for baby.


~Melissa~ said...

Such sweet photos. I'm glad all of you are adjusting well and enjoying that bonding time. :) said...

What a sweet update. Enjoy this precious time together.

Naomi said...

Glad that you're adjusting and beautiful photos.

My 2 boys are close in age and it really brought back memories. This picture in particular from when Kieran was about a week old.

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