Friday, March 21, 2008

First Doctors Appointment & Adjusting

I took Calvin in to the Pediatrician today. It was just a well baby check up to make sure he is doing great. Calvin weighed 8lbs 15oz today! Almost up to 9lbs already!! He is doing really well, and is healthy and growing very fast. His cheeks are starting to pudge up a little bit. He is sleeping really well, nursing well, and is a pretty easy going guy so far.

Charlie has had a really rough time adapting to this new family dynamic. He has been sad about sharing mommy. We have had lots of family help from both my family and Ray's, and Charlie has been a big priority for all of them. They are giving him lots of attention, and he has certainly been hamming it up for them all. Charlie is 25lbs and doesn't walk yet, so caring for him is a very physical job. Fortunately, I have been feeling really good this week, and have been able to take over a lot of Charlie's care again. I think it is helping him to feel better about his world to have mommy back. It is good for me as well to feel like I am still important to Charlie. It was a rough transition for me too! I never considered that all of the family members need to adjust. It didn't feel like a very natural transition at first, but the last two days have been better. It helps that I'm up and about again, and able to ease into a new routine with the help of my family. THANK YOU FAMILY!!!

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Christina said...

Oh that second one is definately an adjustment! It's good that he is a good baby! Brittany was very colicky on me and I always say if she was my first she would be my only! LOL

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