Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pregnant Still

Mama's up to being big! Our due date is less than 10 days away. I keep telling myself that there is no way March will pass without us having our baby, so why does it feel like I am going to be pregnant FOREVER!? There is a point at the end of pregnancy where the wonderful feeling of being beautifully pregnant passes, and you begin to feel a little ridiculous. I waddle everywhere I go. I can hardly sit up straight. I am quite a site!

Charlie and I were watching Sesame Street yesterday morning. They were showing how zookeepers wash elephants. When it came time for the reclining elephant to stand up she had to rock back and then throw her legs forward and use the momentum to roll up on to her knees and get up... That's exactly what I have to do to get out of bed in the morning (and the several times I need to get up at night to use the restroom)! Ah, well, any day now we should have a new baby boy to hold : )

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