Saturday, May 31, 2008


Charlie is doing so well at walking. Here is a short video of him walking down the front path at our house. Sorry it's blurry, but you'll get the idea. I was holding the baby while shooting the video, and you can hear him cooing in the background.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Proud Moment

Yesterday was Charlie's first day of summer "school." He goes to the children's center at our local University two half days a week. It has been so great for him. He learns so much from the other kids, and enjoys all the activities they have there--especially the jungle gym and slide (By the way, Charlie calls slides "weeeeeee!" Very Cute!).

Charlie started taking steps the week before the Spring session ended. Today he held my finger and boldly walked from the car to the stairs in front of his class, and then again from his cubby to the sink, and from the sink to the play area. I almost started crying right then as he carefully placed each foot, walking so slowly while his little friends ran by. I could tell by the concentration in his face that he knew he was doing it: He was walking just like the other kids do. He's been the only crawler in the program for the last two semesters. I think he is proud of himself. I hope he is. I am.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kinetic Grand Championship

Last weekend we had the privilege of watching the start of the fabulous Kinetic Grand Championship from the rooftops of the town square. What is the Kinetic Grand Championship? It is a three day kinetic sculpture race of a wonderful, querky kind. One of the rules of the race is you must bring a bribe for the judges (I'm not sure what the judges are even there for). Oh, and the #1 rule is the race must go on even if the sun comes out!

What exactly is a kinetic sculpture? Kinetic Sculptures are man powered vehicles. The sculptures in this race must be able to travel on paved road, through the dunes on the beach, and through the bay. The sculptures usually involve bicycle type technology, and float using pontoons. As for the sand dunes, well, I'm really not sure how they do that part. I've never seen that stage of the race. He's some pictures of our day.

The square.

The "Hippiepotomus"




Daddy and Charlie.

After the watching the race, we headed down stairs to our friends apartment and met their brand new kitty.

Yes, that's a tissue box he is sleeping on. Awww!

Wordless Wednesday


One Tough Little Trooper

After a long afternoon yesterday at the doctors office and the lab, we learned that Calvin has a virus. Nothing we can do but keep up with the Tylenol and make sure he eats enough. I'm glad to know it is nothing serious, but the folks at the lab really put him through the ringer. They dug around in both of his arms with their needle looking for a vein, and in the end had to do their tests with a tiny bit of blood they squeezed out of his heel. Poor guy. He is still feeling pretty rotten today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Calvin is Sick

Our poor sweet Calvin isn't feeling well. He came down with a little fever yesterday afternoon. He has no other symptoms except feeling tired and cranky. Last night his fever got up to 103, but came back down with some Tylenol and dressing him down a bit. Poor little guy. We have an appointment with the doctor this afternoon at 3:15. Hope it's just a little virus. It's his first time being sick:(

Monday, May 19, 2008

Back to Normal

Ah! The weather is back to normal. Overcast and in the 50's. I can't believe how uncomfortable we felt on those warm days. Now I am happy in my long pants and sweatshirt!

Friday, May 16, 2008


My dad jokes that when the sun comes out here on the California North Coast the locals shield their eyes and retreat to the indoors. Well dad, we did just that today! The sun has been out the last two days. Not a cloud in the sky, and it has been HOT! The high was 84 degrees! (it's usually in the 60's) This morning when we saw it was going to be another hot day, we drew all the blinds to try to keep the house cool. I lathered Charlie up with sunscreen, and we spent 15 minutes at a time outside in the yard. We are so pale from living in perpetual fog that we have to be careful about how much sun exposure we get at a time. I have to say, it seems a little ridiculous to have to hide inside on such a beautiful day, but I don't want to that strange ball of fire in the sky to fry my kids!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Self Feeding

A few months back Charlie decided he wanted to feed himself with a spoon. He did it for one full day, and I even got it on video. Unfortunately, that was a one time thing at that point, and Charlie refused to try to feed himself again. The last few days Charlie has once again decided he would like to feed himself with his spoon. YAY! It is just Charlie's way to do things when he is ready, no matter how much encouragement he receives from Ray and I to try something. He is doing a great job, and is most decidedly left handed.

As you can see this learning process is quite messy.

Peach Soy Yogurt... Yummy!

We go through many outfits these days as Charlie absolutely refuses to wear a bib!

The Stats

Calvin had his 2 month check-up today. He is healthy as can be, and very strong for a guy who's only been out of the womb for 2 months. I was way off about thinking he had doubled his weight (which would have put him up to 17 pounds), but the kid is still a tank!

Here's the stats:
Weight: 14lbs 10oz - Over 100% (up from 8lbs 8oz at birth)
Height: 23inches - 80% (20inches at birth)
Head Circumference: 39.8cm - 65%

Just for comparison, at 2 months Charlie was 12lbs 14oz (75%), and 22.25inches (25%). At birth Charlie was 7lbs 4oz and 20inches. We are achieving these impressive results on breastmilk alone! Way to go mama!

Monday, May 12, 2008

2 Months Old

Happy 2 month B-day Calvin! Our sweet little newborn is getting so big. I'm positive he's doubled his weight, though we will find out for sure tomorrow at his check-up. He is smiling a lot, and loves to study the face of whoever is holding him. He is so great at communicating his needs to us. We are really amazed at how easy he is to 'understand.' He is strong, and is holding his head up fairly well. He likes to be sat up so he can look around, and he likes to push up with his legs. He's not fond of riding in the car or being put down for longer than 5 minutes. His favorite color is red--just kidding--it's green. But seriously, this little guy is so particular and so sweet. We love our little Calvin!


Nice Hair Cut

Mommy did something she had not intended. I buzzed Charlie's hair! It was not what I had set out to do. I had planned on using our new clippers to do the sides and back of Charlie's hair and to clip the top with the scissors like I usually do. Well, I chose a guard that was way to short, and after one swipe up the back of his head we were locked in. We had to cut the whole thing short! Charlie is Charlie, so of course he looks cute with his new look, but we miss his long hair and hope it grows back fast.


Mothers Day

It was low key. Nothing fancy, but it was wonderful spending time with my boys and awesome husband. We went to church and had a sweet time of worship. God really spoke to me yesterday through the message and worship. Man, I needed to hear Him! After church the men put on a Mother's day BBQ for the mom's in the congregation. Raymond made his delicious pasta salad. It was a treat. After the BBQ lunch we headed up to Uncle Ryan's ranch to have another BBQ with Ray's family. I love taking Charlie around on the ranch to pet the horses, watch the chickens, and play with the dogs. We had a great time, but forgot the camera! Oh well. I feel really blessed to be the mom in this wonderful little family of ours!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sleep Deprivation

After having a moment of sleep deprived delirium last night (I was trying to hand the baby to Ray, only the baby was in the cradle and there was nothing in my hands!), I was reminded of another funny story...

Ray is prone to sleep talking and other things when he is over tired. It was a couple months after Charlie was born, and we were pretty wiped out. One night Raymond woke me out of a sound sleep. Looking at me wide eyed he said,

Ray: "Your pants are on fire!"

Kim: "No they're not."

Ray: "Yes. Your pants are on fire!"

Kim: "Raymond, you're dreaming."

Ray: "Oh, that's probably why."

LOL Never a dull moment!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Farmers Market

It was a beautiful day Saturday. It was SUNNY (a big deal when you live on the northcoast) and it was warm-ish, so we packed the kids up in the stroller and back-pack and headed to the town square for the farmers market. The farmers market in our town is a wonderful, quirky conglomeration of young families, college students, and former and current hippie-type folks. The organic produce of local farms is just the beginning. There is also the cactus guy, the lady who spins yarn out of angora hair, there is the live bands, the juggling club, the Free Hugs guy. It is really fun! We ate a picnic lunch and enjoyed watching the swing dancers practice there lifts and flips on the grass.

Daddy and his boys.

Calvin having a snack

Charlie enjoying two of his favorites: tofu and tomatoes

A cheeky little smile

Friday, May 2, 2008

Lift Off!

Charlie took his first steps yesterday!!! Well, they were more like little shuffles. He looked like he was doing the cha cha:) We are, needless to say, very proud of Charlie. These first steps have been a long time coming.
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