Friday, May 16, 2008


My dad jokes that when the sun comes out here on the California North Coast the locals shield their eyes and retreat to the indoors. Well dad, we did just that today! The sun has been out the last two days. Not a cloud in the sky, and it has been HOT! The high was 84 degrees! (it's usually in the 60's) This morning when we saw it was going to be another hot day, we drew all the blinds to try to keep the house cool. I lathered Charlie up with sunscreen, and we spent 15 minutes at a time outside in the yard. We are so pale from living in perpetual fog that we have to be careful about how much sun exposure we get at a time. I have to say, it seems a little ridiculous to have to hide inside on such a beautiful day, but I don't want to that strange ball of fire in the sky to fry my kids!

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Christina said...

It is HOT here in FLorida too...Ok it's always hot here but DANG it got super hot here quicker this year. Feels like summer already!

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