Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Proud Moment

Yesterday was Charlie's first day of summer "school." He goes to the children's center at our local University two half days a week. It has been so great for him. He learns so much from the other kids, and enjoys all the activities they have there--especially the jungle gym and slide (By the way, Charlie calls slides "weeeeeee!" Very Cute!).

Charlie started taking steps the week before the Spring session ended. Today he held my finger and boldly walked from the car to the stairs in front of his class, and then again from his cubby to the sink, and from the sink to the play area. I almost started crying right then as he carefully placed each foot, walking so slowly while his little friends ran by. I could tell by the concentration in his face that he knew he was doing it: He was walking just like the other kids do. He's been the only crawler in the program for the last two semesters. I think he is proud of himself. I hope he is. I am.

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