Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An Invitation for You (Yes, YOU!)

Guess what I just got in the mail?... Can't guess? I'll give you a hint: It is far better than a million dollars... Still can't guess? OK, I'll tell ya:

A couple weeks ago we signed up to be a Prayer Warrior for a child awaiting adoption through Reeces Rainbow Adoption Ministry. Today in the mail we received a letter from Reeces Rainbow and a photograph of the most beautiful 4 year old boy you ever did see. I can't share his information, but to tell you he has Down Syndrome, and is desperately needing a family to adopt him. Looking at his beautiful face took my breath away. If only we had the means, we would fly to his country right now, gather him in our arms and welcome him into our home. For now, we will do something else for this little guy. We will pray for him every day until he gets adopted into the Forever Family God has ordained for him.

I want to invite you to join in this ministry. I want to invite you to become a Prayer Warrior along with my family. If you have been at all touched by Down Syndrome, and if you believe that God hears our prayers and performs miracles every day, then you can have a powerful impact on the life of an orphan with Down Syndrome.

In the United States there are waiting lists to adopt children with Down Syndrome. And even then, most people who have a baby with Down Syndrome choose to raise their child instead of giving it up for adoption. In some countries babies with Down Syndrome are not wanted by their parents or by their societies. They are sent to orphanages where they are rarely adopted. Unfortunately, in some of these countries children with Down Syndrome who have not been adopted by the time they are 5 are then sent to institutions where they are poorly cared for and often die within months of arrival.

As a parent of a child with Down Syndrome, I shudder to think of the cold reality so many children like my son face. But you know what? God sees each one of these precious children. He knows each of their names. He loves them. We may not all be able to pursue international adoption, but we can all pray. We can pray for kind people in the orphanages to give these darling, precious children extra hugs and food. We can pray for the families who are hoping to adopt. We can pray for the governments and societies of the countries to open their hearts, their funds, and their homes so children with Down Syndrome will be welcomed.

Does this sound like something you can do with me? If so, signing up is easy. All you need to do is contact Kelly Shamsey of Reece's Rainbow Prayer Warriors Outreach Ministry. She will match you up with a child to pray for. You will receive in the mail a photograph of your child with their name and age, and a bookmark and magnet to remind you to pray everyday. I am convinced that God hears our hearts, and that God can move mountains. It is no small thing to pray for an orphan. Please join with me.

Kelly's e-mail:


Meredith said...

THANK YOU! :) It's so many prayers like yours that carried my little ones through until we could bring them home!


momtofourgirls.Kari said...

What a beautiful idea. Thank you for sharing!

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