Monday, July 7, 2008


Today Charlie had stitches in his chin. It was his and my first time. Ouch!

It started with a call from my mother-in-law. The Children's Center called her (I don't have a cell phone) to tell her Charlie had fallen and split his chin open, and they couldn't get a hold of me at home. Well, Grandma has a pretty good pulse on where I am during the week, and she tracked me down. Boy, I'll tell you my blood pressure shot through the roof when she told me the Children's Center wanted me to come pick-up Charlie because they thought he needed stitches. That mommy adrenaline is really powerful!

When I got to the center, Charlie was quietly sitting on the lap of one of the teacher with a gauze and cold pack on his chin. He had apparently tripped over the edge of the slide while walking around on the play ground, and face planted into the wood chips. His chin just popped right open from the hard fall. I was pretty sure we were going to need stitches. It was yucky. From the center I called the Doctor's office and asked if a nurse could just take a quick look to confirm we needed stitches. They said sure thing, so off we went.

The nurse came out, took a quick look and invited us back to an exam room for Dr. H to take a look. I was thinking Dr. H would come in, look at it, tell us 'yes it needs stitches, go to the ER.' I was surprised when he said, 'yes it needs stitches, wait here while I get my supplies.' What a great Dr. to take time to fix Charlie up right in the office. It was so nice not to have to haul both kids to the ER and endure the wait. Instead, the whole ordeal was very short. I picked Charlie up at 11:15, and we were home eating lunch by 1pm.

So, there we were in the office, Charlie in my lap, a nurse holding down his hands, a med student holding his head, and Dr. H repairing his split chin. He was such a brave boy--he was kicking and screaming, but so brave none-the-less. Calvin was in his car seat, also kicking and screaming... Don't know what his problem was. I mean, his day was going pretty well comparatively! Halfway through the procedure, I started getting light headed. I had been doing really well--a very brave mommy--until I got curious and watched Dr. H do a stitch. I am a fainter, so I alerted the group, and we moved Charlie onto the exam table for the last 2 stitches and I put my head down.

All together Charlie has 5 stitches in his chin, and I have a whopping head ache from the swing in my blood pressure! The good part of all this: The orange Mickey Mouse balloon the nurse gave him that seemed to make the whole trip worth it for Charlie. He grabbed onto that thing as if it were a teddy bear, and held it very dearly all the way home.



datri said...

Oh no! How frightening! I haven't done stitches yet, I think I would probably faint, too!

rickismom said...

Well, when I took my oldest DD for stiches years ago we were in the ER about 5 hours! Nice of your doctor to do at the office!

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