Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Charlie and the X-Ray Machine

Charlie did something to his arm/hand/wrist. We are not sure what he did, but it is quite obviously injured. Actually, for a week he has been gingerly grabbing his left arm from time to time, and has even been giving it kisses. Yesterday, it became very clear that his left arm or wrist was painful. He was crying a lot and wounldn't let me touch it. He stopped using it (which is really unusual as he is left handed). He even told me it hurt! He touched his arm and said "hurt." I had to smile as this is the first time he has articulated to us that something specific was hurting him.

I took him to the doctor today to check it out. Before and after our visit if I so much as brushed the skin on his arm he would cry, but of course while we were at the doctor he did no even wince as the NP poked and prodded his arm and hand. Figures. Well, I asked for an X-ray anyway, as we know Charlie has a high pain tolerance. So off we went to the hospital.

I think the x-ray was the highlight of the day. Even better than the Thomas the Tank Engine stickers he got at the doctors office. We were taken back to the room with the x-ray machine, and there was so much cool stuff to look at. Lots of cords hanging from the ceiling, cool aprons, and the x-ray machine itself. Charlie was enthralled. I told him the x-ray machine was like a big camera. He kept looking up at it and saying "cheese!" He was a really good boy about keeping his arm still for the pictures. When we were back in the waiting room after we finished he tried to escape back down the hall to find the 'big camera.'

I haven't heard the results of the x-ray yet. Charlie actually started using his arm again just like normal this evening, so I don't know what the deal is. I'm thinking it's not broken. Beats me.

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Christina said...

Well yay for Charlie on expressing his feelings! I hope that you get some answers as to why his arm was hurting!

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