Monday, September 1, 2008

Sitting, Rolling, and Giving His Opinion

My Calvin really is just the most darling baby you ever did see.

A little story: We were sitting on the couch in our church/coffee shop (it's 2 in 1) after the service last Sunday. Calvin was perched on my knee, chewing his hands. A customer walked in and happened to look our direction. Calvin first looked at her like this


and then did something like this


The woman, who looked pretty tough with tattoos and piercings all over, put her hand to her chest and just sighed. "Wow, you really made the rest of my day," were he words to Mr. Friendly.

Yep, that's our Calvin.

When people describe him they use words like: intent, smiley, focused, social, chubba-wubba, happy, and always good for a laugh.

I am just so amazed by him. I could watch him all day long. Just 5 1/2 months olds and he already has preferences for certain toys in the toy basket. He loves to sit on a blanket in the living room (pillows all around, he's a little tippy just yet) and go through the toy basket one toy at a time, pausing to play with his 'favorites'.

He rolled over for the first time last week, and rolled over for the second time this afternoon.

He's a screamer. He squeals, sighs, screeches. It is really so cute to hear this high pitched little voice coming from our big, big baby boy.

Did I mention he is wearing 9-12 month clothing already? Last night we ran out of clean jammies for him, so he wore Charlie's stuff. It fit pretty decent.

Oh, and he got his first tooth yesterday afternoon. It is on the bottom, center. The one on the right. What a busy guy!

Man, I just love this little fella.
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