Monday, September 15, 2008

Healthy, Busy, Happy

Well, we are all healthy again. Finally. Boy, if it wasn't Calvin feeling crummy, it was me. We kept trading off sickness for about 3 weeks, but I think we are past all the yuckyness now. In the mean time, we kept ourselves way too busy.

A week and a half ago we had a pre-transition meeting for Charlie. When kids with special needs turn 3, their therapies and services get all switched around. In fact, turning 3 is a BIG deal for a little guy with Down Syndrome. In the next several months we have many Developmental Assessments to schedule (Bailey Developmental Assessment, OT assessment, Speech, Gross Motor, Oral Motor ), and quite a few routine exams to do (eyes, ears, body, neck x-ray, blood work, possibly a sleep study, and a swallow study). All this information will be compiled and will help us to make some very important decisions: Where will we send Charlie to preschool (special ed preschool, regular preschool, regular preschool plus an aid to help him...); What type of therapy does Charlie still need and how much; What type of additional services would benefit him... It is all feeling like a little bit much. I mean, isn't Charlie just a little kid afterall? Oh well, we charge ahead.

My birthday was last Friday. I had a fever, again, but we managed to have a little fun. We went out to a noodle house I love, and had beautiful cold noodle salads. Then we went to pick up a bike trailer I found on Craigs List (a real score).

Saturday we had a honest-to-goodness b-day bash with family. Not only was it my b-day (observed), but it was Calvin's 6 month old b-day. We went out to a fancy restaurant. (Well, not too fancy. We did have the kids with us!) Then we all came back to the house for cake and a sporting game of Yatzee. (Word to the wise, avoid uncle Russell if you ever want a chance of winning at Yatzee. He got two of them!)


I'm 28 years old. You know if you would have told me when I moved to the North Coast what my life would be like in seven years, I would be blown away. A steadfast, fun, amazing husband (who took the kids so I could sleep until 10am on Saturday!!), two beautiful sons (the cutest kids ever!), Down Syndrome (a path I had never considered, but am so thankful for), a wonderful community and town that I live in, the opportunity to stay at home to watch these two spunky boys grow... My life is beautiful. I am thankful.


Forevermelody said...

you are so inspiring. I love you guys!

Christina said...

Happy belated birthday! Also, good luck with all the transition. Sounds like things are going well and praying everyone stays healthy!

SunflowerMom said...

Happy belated birthday! What a great family photo, you guys look so happy together!

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