Saturday, October 11, 2008

All moved in

Well, we did it! We are all moved in to our new little house. And we love it!

The move went exceptionally well. We had a lot of help, and managed to get the house packed up last Friday night, and all our stuff moved to the new place on Saturday. The garage has a small mountain of boxes we've yet to weed through, but the kids room and living room are done, and the kitchen is very close. Our new washer and dryer are in place, the fridge is stocked, we are up and running! Except one thing...

We are apparently in the black hole for DSL coverage in town! Ugh! We moved in expecting it to transfer no problem, but when it never came on, I called the company to find out that, despite our neighborhood being smack in the middle of town, there is no DSL available in our area. Bummer. So today the boys and I are down at the coffee shop enjoying a muffin and smoothie, and checking e-mail and updating the blog. Hopefully we will find some sort of service for a good price.

There is so much to tell, and so many pictures to show you, but for now I need to go. The boys only do the coffee shop thing for so long.

1 comment:

McKenna said...

I'm so glad it went smooth! I'm anxious to see pics....good luck with finding internet service!

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