Sunday, November 30, 2008

These Boys

What could I possibly say
within the lines of a poem
to express just how
these two little boys
make me feel?

Aw, Charlie.
He is an angel,
you know.

If I think about it,
and close my eyes tight,
I can smell the way he smelled
in those newborn days.

His scent,
his gaze,
his entire being,
is soft and comforting.

To look into his eyes
and catch his mischief;
there's nothing like it
in all the world

Then there is Calvin,
dear, dear little Calvin:

Bright, big eyes,
fresh curiousity,
infectious delight.

There is not a shortage of people
who await with eagerness
the chance to make our sweet little Calvin laugh.

I must be the luckiest woman on earth
to awake each day to his
toothy grin and wet kisses.

These boys,
they are my heart.
How can I possibly with words
distill the gift they are to me?

A little mommy
with big gratitude.
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