Friday, November 14, 2008

So cute

If you have a mommy in your life who you want to make feel really, really good, I will tell you how:

First, flirt with her darling little baby for a while. Make him smile. Make him giggle and laugh. Ooo and ah over his dimples, his shy little glances, his chubby little face and neck. Then, look at his mommy and say something like this:

"Your baby is the cutest baby I've ever met," you might add, "I'm not just saying that to be nice."

That ought to send her over the moon for a while. Yep. I think that should do it. ;)



Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Awwww yep that would do it! and he is pretty darn cute!!!

Mama MollyJoy said...

Serioulsy, Kim! Your baby boys kill me with their cute-ness! They have such sweet souls-I feel like they are a piece of God's heart for me to enjoy here on earth! You are an amazing mother that I truely admire!

Christina said...

That would definately do it! I agree he is really cute!!!

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