Saturday, December 6, 2008

Being a kid

There's just nothing like being a kid. Experiencing everything fresh and taking things for face value. Here is a fun story from my childhood:

One of the highlights of visiting my Grandma in Santa Cruz was that she kept a jar of peanut butter that had the stripes of jam mixed in. My sister and I always looked forward to a lunch with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich made with this special concoction.

Like many kids, I left a pile of bread crusts on my plate when I finished my sandwich. I'm just not a crust eater. They are tough and dry and don't taste as nice. Well, in an attempt to get me to finish all my food, Grandma told me that the crust is where all the good vitamins were. And... it didn't work. I believed her all right, but at my young age I could care less about vitamins (what ever they were!).

A few short years later, when I was a teenager and started to care about things like vitamin intake and healthy eating, guess what I started to do... Eat my bread crusts! After all, they are a jackpot of nutrition, right? I did this until about my fourth year of college (which was still my freshman year, but that is another story), when I sat at the table eating a sandwich and began to think about vitamins and bread and how-in-the-heck-can-there-possibly-be-more-vitamins-in-the-crust? Ha! I'd been dooped! It was just one of those things I was told as a child and simply believed.

And if you are wondering, I do not currently partake of the crust of my sandwich, even though Ray chides me for missing out on important nutrition. I know better, now. ;-)

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SunflowerMom said...

Ha ha ha! That's a good attempt at fooling you. Aidan won't eat crust either and I never understood why- I love it! I appreciate hearing your reasoning. I'm a softy, I cut his crusts.

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