Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008 and Rotavirus Craziness

Christmas this year was wonderful. We spent Monday 22nd with Raymond's family who live in town. We had a wonderful dinner, a couple gifts for the kids, and just a good time hanging out with Ray's folks, Aunt Renee and Uncle Russ, Uncle Ryan and Kassie.

On Wednesday we left town to drive down to see my Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa is in the hospital this Christmas. He is 92 (or is it 93, now?), and not doing really great with his health just lately. Grandma is just as well as ever, but feeling sad about her sweetie not being home. Grandma Phyllis is and amazing, and trusting in the Lord to accomplish His perfect will in her life and in Grandpa's as well.

Also, we were blessed to meet my aunt Laurie's husband Tim for the first time. (Welcome to the family, Tim!) My mom and dad are also here, as was my sister, Kelly.

It has been such a relief to spend this Christmas with my side of the family. I love Ray's family, but have been so home sick for mine. My Grandpa and Grandma and Aunt had not even met Calvin before our visit. We live in a geographically isolated area of California. There are highways in and out, but they are crazy twisty roads that are frequently closed due to mud slides in the winter. It is really hard for us to make the trek from Humboldt to Nevada counties. I wish we could do it more often.

While Christmas has been amazing, and I love being with family, our entire Christmas this year has been punctuated by one thing: Rotavirus. Or as my dad prefers to call it: Roto-Rooter.

I was the first to get it about a week before Christmas while my folks were up visiting. Knocked me out! I am so glad they were in town to help with the kids. (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!)

Next Charlie got it. He is still dealing with puke and, you know, "loose stools" or "monumental blow-outs," however you prefer to think of it. Poor guy.

Next it was my dad, then my aunt and uncle, now my Grandma. We are praying Grandpa is spared. For whatever reason Ray, my mom, and Calvin have seemed to resist the virus.

Oh, my other Uncle Tim also came down with a stomach bug, but he was here before my folks, so I think this thing has a long incubation, and it is extremely contagious.

After a week, I finally feel back to normal. My dad is doing better. Charlie seemed to be doing better, but had a major blow-out last night (the worst ever that we've seen from him), plus he puked. Grandma is in bed today gingerly sipping apple juice. We were hoping to go visit my other Grandma who lives in a nursing home, but we've started to feel like we are harbingers of disease, so we may end up passing up that opportunity:(

Pictures to come soon (of the good stuff, not the Rotavirus part).
Pray for us!


Elizabeth said...

Oh, Kim! That sounds terrible! I'm sorry your trip has been filled with poop and puke :( I will be praying for you and the rest of your family. Love you and Merry Christmas!

Laurie said...

Hi, Kim & Ray. Tim and I are feeling better, but I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I've been reading up on rotavirus, and apparently a person can be contagious for up to two weeks after having it, and after feeling better with normal stools. We need to keep washing our hands and everything we touch (especially after changing diapers, etc). One thing I read said that the virus stays alive on hard surfaces for a long period of time. Anywhoo, iiwii. (It is what it is!) We had a great time, too--and Tim was glad to meet you guys!

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