Saturday, December 20, 2008

IEP Update and We're Moving

It's been a few days. We've been enjoying a visit from Nana and Papa and not spending much time on the computer, I guess. I'll post some Nana and Papa pics soon.

First, the "We're Moving" part. You might remember that we recently moved into the perfect little house with a perfect little yard for the kids just a couple months ago. Well, everything was going great until winter hit. Once the rain started, the mold came. Crazy mold everywhere! Charlie is having allergies to the mold, and it is getting on our stuff. The house is so damp that the papers on our desk are no longer crisp. They are limp from so much moisture.

Well, just as we were connecting Charlie's poor health to the mold, and feeling more and more exasperated as we found mold on many of our things, we were offered the opportunity to rent a cottage from some very close friends of ours. In fact, it is the cottage Raymond and I lived in when we were first married. It has it's querks, but it does not have mold, and so, We're Moving!

We will be living in the middle cottage of a row of cottages, most rented by dear friends. We are very excited!

Now for the IEP part. Moving to the new cottage will put us in a different school district. We are moving January 15th, 7 days after Charlie turns 3. By law, Charlie must have an IEP by his 3rd birthday. It is all very technical.

Soooo... We had his IEP meeting as planned last Thursday with the school district in which we currently reside. It was actually a very pleasant meeting. I brought home made oatmeal cookies (that Nana baked, but I got the credit;), and I brought pictures of Charlie for people to keep in their file folders. I think these two little extras helped to set the mood for a relaxed meeting.

This IEP was in many ways a warm up for the one we will have in January after we move to the new school district. We spent a lot of time discussing just how great Charlie is doing. Then, we set his IEP up to extend his Early Start services for another 45 days until we get the IEP with the new district in place.

There were no tears, no frustration. I felt so positive about Charlie and how much he has benefited from services, and how well he is doing in his development. Ray and I walked away feeling like "That wasn't bad at all." It was a good set-up for the big meeting next month. I will definitely be baking for that meeting as well!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

That's a weird law! Kennedy doesn't have an IEP. I hope your move goes smoothly!!!!

Julie said...

So sorry you have to move again so soon but I certainly understand the need to get away from mold! Yuck! Good luck!

Glad your IEP went well. We have to have one by 3 also.

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