Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It Snowed!

I don't have pictures, but I promise, it really did snow yesterday! All the surrounding hills are covered in white. It did not stick in town, but it sure was coming down. Big, wet, fast-falling flakes. It has been cold here! (Relatively, that is)

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Amy said...

Hi Kim, not sure if you remember me, I am a friend of D'Arcy's from Tennessee? You helped me so much when I first had my daughter, Abby, 2 years ago... and you introduced me to the downsyn forum, which is how I found Reece's Rainbow. And now... we are planning to adopt two little boys with DS from Ukraine this spring. :) Anyway, I just came across your blog from Renee's (special k's) blogroll, and thought I would update you.

Your little Charlie is looking so big and just as cute as ever! And your new baby is absolutely precious.

Glad to see all is well!
Because of HIM,

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