Monday, January 12, 2009


My Grandpa Paul passed away on Friday. It was not unexpected, yet we are sad as we will miss him very much. Grandma misses Grandpa especially. He is at home with Jesus.

Grandpa was 91 years old, and spent his life in service to the Lord and his family. There are so many stories I want to share with you about his life. How full a life he lived, even up to the very end.

A favorite recent memory is of Grandpa and Grandma's devotional prayer time. As Grandpa grew older, his speech grew slower, his eye sight was very poor, as was his hearing. Yet it was evident from his prayers that God was just as alive in his heart and mind as ever. I remember him praying for Ray and I, for our children, for our country. He prayed for his children. He prayed for his dear friends.

Our senses dim, our bodies grow old, but the word of the Lord and faith in His promises remain strong in those who Love Him and seek after Him. Grandpa Loved Jesus. It was evident in his life, in his prayers. I feel so blessed to have been a recipient of so many of his prayers over my 28 years.

Here is a picture of Grandpa on his 90th birthday.

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Keri said...

Hi Kim,
We have never met but our families go way back. My parents were good friends of your grandparents. We lived in Southern CA but used to go to Sunnyvale to see them. Laurie and I are about the same age. I remember your grandfather as a kind man with lots of smiles and laughter.My mother (Nayda Wallace) sent me your blog and I enjoyed reading it. I was a special education teacher for many years and am now a principal in an elementary school. I enjoyed reading your blog. God bless.
Keri Marquand (Wallace)

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