Saturday, January 17, 2009

We're Up To

What are we up to?

Well, we moved. Again. Boxes everywhere. No where baby-proof for the kids to play.

I had my tooth pulled. Oh ya, I already told you about that. Well, it still hurts. A lot.

Still need to clean the old house, but pretty much everything is out of there.

I have to do the cleaning alone. No, not alone. I'll have the KIDS with me. Raymond is leaving town for a week in just a few hours.

He is going to Colorado to Estes Park for the National Vineyard Churches Worship Leader Retreat.

I get to stay here with the boxes, my tooth ache, the cleaning, the kids. Oy.

1 comment:

Christina said...

Good luck with unpacking! I hate that part of moving! LOL

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