Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Calvin!

My dear sweet baby Calvin,

Today you turn One! Yay for you! What a big boy you have become in one years time.

Calvin, you are truly amazing. I will share a secret with you. A secret you will understand one day, far in the future, when you become a good daddy of one and then two children:

When you were still growing inside me I worried that I would not have enough love to share with two children. I love your brother so fiercely, so fully, that I wondered how would I be able to love a new baby with all the love he would deserve.

Well, Calvin, my sweet little boy, my worry was unfounded. It seems love is not measured in measurable amounts. Love is not a warm pie given out slice by slice until it is gone.

My love for you is boundless. When I look at you, into your hazel-eyes-just-like-mine, my world opens wide and I breath deeply fresh air it seems for the first time. The way you crinkle your nose makes me crinkle mine back in delight. The way you raise your small hands up to me, well, what else can I do but gather you in my arms and kiss your soft neck over and over.

Calvin, you are a miracle to your dad and me. You are so special. Created to be loved. It is so easy to love you.

My prayer for you, Calvin, is that we continue to walk this path, learning and living, laughing and, of course, growing in love. You and me, daddy and Charlie, too. You are a gift to our family. So glad you decided to join us (on the outside) one year ago at 4:01AM. My Calvin David.




Terri said...

Happy, Happy 1st Birthday Calvin - you've gotten so big!

datri said...

Happy Birthday Calvin!!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

Elizabeth said...

This year has gone by so fast! I remember being at mommies' group and calling Ray to find out all of the details :) Love you, Kim. You are an amazing mother and I love how you put words to your feelings so eloquently. Happy birthday, sweet Calvin!

katie said...

Yay for a 1 year old in the house! You are an amazing mom, Kim. Thanks for letting us witness your love for your family.

Stephanie said...

A day late but wanted to stop by and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 1 already, that year flew by!

aj said...

happy (belated) 1st birthday Calvin!!! hope you had a fun day. i'm sure you know how much mommy, daddy, & Charlie love you! aj & Janna

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