Friday, March 27, 2009

Meds, Cuddles, and Peaceful Sleeping Babes

Took Charlie to the doctor. I tried to get Calvin in as well, but they were already double booked. Calvin doesn't seem to be having any respiratory stuff going on, so we're just letting him ride out the weekend.

Charlie definitely has croup. We are to continue with nebulizer treatments as we have been doing. We also came away with an RX for steroids to help with inflamation as he is having quite a lot of wheezing in his chest. He also has a double ear infection. His first ear infection ever. So, we have anti's as well.

We had a cozy evening, had a few nibbles of dinner, lots of fluids, meds all around. The kids were off to bed before eight, and are sleeping peacefully. Waiting for the croup to kick in tonight for Charlie. Every now and then I hear that distinctive cough coming from the bedroom. We have the nebulizer at the ready, though. It's not all bad to have to snuggle with your boy in the middle of the night.

Oh, there he is now. Better go.

1 comment:

datri said...

Awww, poor guy. Hope he feels better soon. We have sickies here, too.

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