Monday, March 23, 2009

New Concept

We've been working with Charlie on the concept of "ouch" and "hurt" for quite a long time (okay, a really long time). He knows when he has been injured, and he certainly lets us know is no uncertain terms when he is not feeling well; but, when it comes to things like asking him 'where' it hurts or 'if something hurts' (as opposed to him crying for a different reason) or 'be careful so you don't get hurt' he has lacked understanding.

This evening Charlie gave indication that he is catching on. He was dancing around naked after his bath (don't you miss those days?), and was getting a little to close to the wall heater. I stopped him and said "No touch, Hot! I don't want you to get an owie." Charlie looked at me, then at the heater, he then touched the heater (stinker) with his finger and said "Hot! Owie." Then he signed and said the word, "Hurt" and pointed to his finger (which, by the way was just fine).

So, Yeah! He's gettin' it! It was as if in that instant several pieces of the puzzle came together for him. We'll have to wait and see if he starts talking more about his owies this week.

I love it when Charlie catches on to something. It is so amazing to watch right before my eyes when 1 and 1 add up for him. We work and work and work, and then all of a sudden who-knows-what will help him connect the dots, and he gets it. He's an amazing boy, that Charlie.

1 comment:

datri said...

How cool is that! It's always wonderful when they "get it". And that's an important one to get.

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