Monday, March 30, 2009

Prednisone Grouchies!

Ei yi yi (or something like that)! Charlie has spent all of today and most of yesterday a moaning, kicking, crying, rolling mess of a toddler on the floor. Poor guy.

It's the Prednisone. It is making him really grouchy! I feel bad for him, he barely has a handle on himself, and he's feelin' it.

We stopped the prednisone yesterday morning as soon as we felt he was past the awful wheezing he was having along with his croupy cough. Prednisone is one of those drugs that you love and hate. You love it as a last ditch effort to help a child breath, but hate all those side effects.

Meanwhile, our little Calvey is staggering all around the house with a crusty nose and a big smile. Gotta love that cheerie little face. Life's all peaches and cream for our Calvin.


Little Miss E said...

Em bounces off the walls on that stuff! It works, but dang, she is like the Engergizer bunny! Hope he feels well soon!

Tricia said...

I just found you when I looked up DS and prednisone. My daughter, Georgia, (2yo, DS) has been on it for a couple days after getting croup and I feel like our house is on its ear. She is SO frustrated and crazy. I am thinking of calling the doc today to see if we need to take the next two doses since she is doing a lot better. I honestly wonder if she is effected by these drugs worse than typical kids. Even claritin had her acting bonkers and upset.

By the way, such cute kids you have. Glad to have found you! :)

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