Saturday, April 4, 2009

The "No Way Jose" Weaning Plan

I realize it is not a very American thing to nurse a baby past the age of one, or to nurse a toddler to the age of three for that matter. Well, we don't always march to that drum in our home.

Charlie is now, at the age of 3, weaning from the breast. We are weaning him, as opposed to him weaning himself (which is a whole 'nother conversation). It is time. And, we have a fun weaning approach going on. Charlie will come and ask to nurse. He says "nurse" while nodding his head, eyebrows raised in expectation. Then, I grab him in a big hug and jokingly say "No Way Jose!" He thinks it is hilarious! And, most important, he is willing to settle for a cup of water or milk, or a cuddle in the big chair. I am very proud of our big boy! (He even sat on the potty this week!)

On a side note, Charlie has said two three-word sentences this week, all by himself! The first was "I have book," and the second he said yesterday as he was watching me nurse Calvin, "Me too nurse."

(If you are interested in why some mothers choose to nurse beyond infancy, there is a lot of great supportive information out there. Check out Our reasons to nurse Charlie until age 3 were for physical health and emotional development, not to mention the beauty of a nursing relationship. We so enjoyed our time, but are also enjoying moving on.)


SunflowerMom said...

That's sounds like a wonderful, positive approach to weaning. I'm sure it has helped him in so many ways to nurse him beyond infancy. I hope your transision continues to go smoothy.

I'm a big kellymom fan, too.

Terri said...

"Me too nurse" AWWWW, how could you resist that? Good luck with weaning and way to go for sticking with it so long!

aj said...

Good job Charlie on the phrases and adjusting to a cup of milk :)

katie said...

You are one awesome mom. I know it probably doesn't feel this way to you, but seeing you conistently put the needs of your kiddos first is a great encouragement to me to do the same. Yay for late weaning!

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