Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Preschool Visit

Charlie and I went for a visit to the regular ed preschool class he will be attending next fall. Right now he is in a toddler class at a Children's Center at our local University. Next fall he will move up to the preschool class. So, we went to check it out today!

We stayed for about 2 and a half hours in which Charlie did some great exploration, made some new friends, hosted a "coffee party," made two materpeices of art, and participated in one circle time.

He did AMAZING! You should have seen him! He followed directions so well, learned where to put his art when he was finished, enjoyed all the new toys and new areas to play in. During circle time he sat on his mat, he gave a cuddle to the kids sitting to his sides (so cute!), he imitated all the hand motions of the songs they were singing, he listened quietly to the story, which was about colors, and he even signed the names of a couple of the colors in the book.

I was one proud mama. Our visit boosted my confidence that, for Charlie, a typical preschool class is entirely APPROPRIATE, for at least part time.

1 comment:

Stefania said...

sounds exciting.what a BIG day.I'd be proud too!

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