Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moving Forward

Charlie is doing something new. It's pretty crazy.

First, Calvin does new things every week. Last week it was "E-I-E-I-O", this week it is "One-Two-Three-Go!". He is saying more words every week, and if he is not yet talking in full sentences, he IS understanding EVERYTHING we say. If I say, "Calvin, it is time to go," he is then waiting for me at the door. If I say, "Are you hungry for lunch," he is standing at his highchair ready to be fed. I can ask him to fetch things for me. I can ask him to come to me. I can ask him to stop doing something.

It's not just that. He is doing all this stuff too. He figured out how to work a buckle. Today he mastered assembling the train tracks. He appropriately plays with the many things in his environment. He climbs the ladder to the slide, manuevers his little legs over the top, and slides down all by himself. All this quick development... it's really wild.

Now Charlie. Things don't happen this way with Charlie. Development with my Charlie is a gentler process. It goes at a pace that, frankly, leaves a parent feeling less like life if passing by too quickly. I feel like I can breath between developmental steps. And, bringing a new step is a process. Almost a dance. A little work here, some practice here, now for for therapy, some play, some time away.

We push, we relax, we push some more. Then finally, out of the blue, a new skill, a new combination of words. A milestone.

So what is it, you might ask? What is the new thing Charlie is doing? He is doing puzzles. This is huge. He is able to match the piece to where it goes, then orient the piece to match how it should go in. He totally blew me away! I can't tell you how many months, make that years (okay, like 2 years), we've been working on puzzles. It is not just the act of doing the puzzle, though. It shows he is able to match pictures, and he is able to re-orient the image correctly.

Yes, he is my little smarty pants. I am incredibly proud.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Post

I just wanted to make a quick post, as I've let the last week go by with out adding to this blog. It's not that things are slow. There is a lot to report. But that is just the thing. A person needs to be pretty quick to catch one the thoughts racing through my mind, and then wrestle with it long enough to set ideas in to words. It is a bit like a Rodeo (the writing) when I'm feeling so scrambled. Not that I really know much about Rodeo, but you know that one event where the cowboy races up to a scrambling calf, then jumps from his horse onto it's back and ties it up? Yeah. It takes a lot of energy and precision to do that, and I'm pretty spent by the time I have a chance to sit in front of this computer screen these last few days.

It's good stuff we are up to, though. We've been tending our garden. Planted our first ever Bean Tee Pee last week. Enjoyed a lovely visit from some far away friends. We attended an IEP review meeting to discuss Charlie's educational situation for next fall. Had a great hike with our boys in the Redwoods. We tickled the backs of banana slugs we found on logs. Charlie liked them a lot. Calvin wanted to take a bite. The boys have been going down the slide in the front yard again, and again, and again. I conquered a mountain of paperwork (perhaps the foremost reason that I feel so wiped out--oh, the life of an adult!), folded (ing) endless piles of laundry, washed a multitude of diapers after an unfortunate bout with a tummy virus. We've slept with a crabby baby in our bed, who needed lots of hugs as he dealt with some very painful gas (all better, now).

A bunch of little things that together make my life add up to something meaningful. A little ball of life I would hold so tenderly if indeed one could do that. Busy, but slow in many ways as well. (We can't move too quickly up here in Humboldt County. It would be unlike us.)

So this is what has been going on in my blogging absence, though I hope you repeatedly enjoyed the commercial about adoption as you've checked in the past week. I have been enjoying your beautiful blogs this last week. Loving all the pictures I see, the stories I read, the updates. Thank you. Pictures and 'Calvin and Charlie stories' to follow later this week.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

New Stats

Last week Calvin had a check-up. Here's his new stats: Weight is 23lbs 4oz, length is 31inches. He is healthy as healthy as can be.

Iron was low at 9.3, lower than last check-up, so we are now giving him iron drops and feeding him Hemp milk of all things, which is high in iron (and tastes like a rope). Lots of leafy greens, but we had been doing that already. Hopefully next check-up will show his iron is up where it should be.

We are to focus on giving him a high fat, high nutrition diet with extra snacks as his weight has been at a stand still for some months. I'm not too worried about his weight, I think he is leveling out after those first months of super-chunky-monkeyness. But, he is enjoying all the extra food anyway.

Calvin now has eight teeth, the top and bottom ones in front. He has two molars partway through up top, and two big bulges ready to break through on the bottom. That will make 12 teeth!

Lets see, what else... He got 2 immunizations, and took it like a champ even though he was tired and cranky and hungry by the time we got to that part of the check-up.

K, I think you get the gist. Everything very regular and boring. A couple things that need tweaking, but overall the boy is growing like a weed and quite strapping.

Developmentally, Calvin is saying more and more words, climbing more and more things, getting in to all kinds of stuff. He has become quite the little gardener, digging in the planter any chance he gets. He is playing with many of our toys in ways that are appropriate to how the toys are intended to be be played with. He understands familiar directions and carries them out. He is just so bright and curious and learning all about everything with what seems like very little effort. I love watching Calvin develop in what feels like double-time. My boys progress so differently, and I love both ways.

Friday, May 8, 2009


There are certain adjetives a mother begins to associate with her children as she watches their little personalities unfold. When I describe Charlie (which I am asked to do a lot in concern with special education stuff, so I tend to think about it a lot), I describe him as curious, inventive, tender, exuberant. Charlie has a great sense of humor. He is both easy going, and set in his ways.

Today, as I was watching Calvin work in the garden, digging up rocks and plucking leaves off the Basil, I was impressed by his industriousness. Calvin is indeed a very industrious little fellow. And more than that, he is quite the renaissance man too. At once he enjoys the feeling of the dirt beneath his nails, while he contemplates his next turn with the bubbles, meanwhile he plans a future sidewalk chalk masterpiece, and how he shall call to the goats who live at the end of the drive. His little mind is full of adventure, and work, and joy in whatever endeavor is set before him.

I love having the full access pass of motherhood to watch as these boys develop into the people God set in motion the very day they were conceived. Do you suppose our Papa, you know, our God in Heaven, looks upon each of us with the same wonder and amazement? I think He does.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

One day you will walk into the kitchen and you will look mindlessly into the cupboard. You will decide some popcorn sounds good. You will see an unopened box of microwave popcorn and think to yourself, "I just know there is a pack leftover from the last box in here somewhere." You will search and search, but not find the stray pack. So, you will get the unopened box of popcorn down and open it. You will take out a package and open up the microwave.

Oh. Oh ya.

In the microwave you will find a completely popped bag of popcorn which you popped yesterday after spying a stray pack in the cupboard. You will remember the whole scenario. How you decided popcorn sounded good to eat. How you placed the package in the microwave, turned it on. How you then moved on to other things forgetting it somewhere in the 4 minutes it took for it to pop.

You will remember how your husband came home and commented on how good the house smelled. He asked you if you had been cooking. You look up and chuckle, "no." Aw, but you had been. You had been cooking up a yummy bag of warm, buttery popcorn that, today, just kind of tastes useless.
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