Friday, May 8, 2009


There are certain adjetives a mother begins to associate with her children as she watches their little personalities unfold. When I describe Charlie (which I am asked to do a lot in concern with special education stuff, so I tend to think about it a lot), I describe him as curious, inventive, tender, exuberant. Charlie has a great sense of humor. He is both easy going, and set in his ways.

Today, as I was watching Calvin work in the garden, digging up rocks and plucking leaves off the Basil, I was impressed by his industriousness. Calvin is indeed a very industrious little fellow. And more than that, he is quite the renaissance man too. At once he enjoys the feeling of the dirt beneath his nails, while he contemplates his next turn with the bubbles, meanwhile he plans a future sidewalk chalk masterpiece, and how he shall call to the goats who live at the end of the drive. His little mind is full of adventure, and work, and joy in whatever endeavor is set before him.

I love having the full access pass of motherhood to watch as these boys develop into the people God set in motion the very day they were conceived. Do you suppose our Papa, you know, our God in Heaven, looks upon each of us with the same wonder and amazement? I think He does.

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Amy said...

I love that- you just totally described what I've never been able to put into words about Abby- Easy going but set in her ways. Very true. :)

Calvin is getting so big! Its a strange thing to meet friends online and watch their children grow before your eyes! :)

Blessings to you all!

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