Monday, May 11, 2009

New Stats

Last week Calvin had a check-up. Here's his new stats: Weight is 23lbs 4oz, length is 31inches. He is healthy as healthy as can be.

Iron was low at 9.3, lower than last check-up, so we are now giving him iron drops and feeding him Hemp milk of all things, which is high in iron (and tastes like a rope). Lots of leafy greens, but we had been doing that already. Hopefully next check-up will show his iron is up where it should be.

We are to focus on giving him a high fat, high nutrition diet with extra snacks as his weight has been at a stand still for some months. I'm not too worried about his weight, I think he is leveling out after those first months of super-chunky-monkeyness. But, he is enjoying all the extra food anyway.

Calvin now has eight teeth, the top and bottom ones in front. He has two molars partway through up top, and two big bulges ready to break through on the bottom. That will make 12 teeth!

Lets see, what else... He got 2 immunizations, and took it like a champ even though he was tired and cranky and hungry by the time we got to that part of the check-up.

K, I think you get the gist. Everything very regular and boring. A couple things that need tweaking, but overall the boy is growing like a weed and quite strapping.

Developmentally, Calvin is saying more and more words, climbing more and more things, getting in to all kinds of stuff. He has become quite the little gardener, digging in the planter any chance he gets. He is playing with many of our toys in ways that are appropriate to how the toys are intended to be be played with. He understands familiar directions and carries them out. He is just so bright and curious and learning all about everything with what seems like very little effort. I love watching Calvin develop in what feels like double-time. My boys progress so differently, and I love both ways.

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