Saturday, May 2, 2009

One day you will walk into the kitchen and you will look mindlessly into the cupboard. You will decide some popcorn sounds good. You will see an unopened box of microwave popcorn and think to yourself, "I just know there is a pack leftover from the last box in here somewhere." You will search and search, but not find the stray pack. So, you will get the unopened box of popcorn down and open it. You will take out a package and open up the microwave.

Oh. Oh ya.

In the microwave you will find a completely popped bag of popcorn which you popped yesterday after spying a stray pack in the cupboard. You will remember the whole scenario. How you decided popcorn sounded good to eat. How you placed the package in the microwave, turned it on. How you then moved on to other things forgetting it somewhere in the 4 minutes it took for it to pop.

You will remember how your husband came home and commented on how good the house smelled. He asked you if you had been cooking. You look up and chuckle, "no." Aw, but you had been. You had been cooking up a yummy bag of warm, buttery popcorn that, today, just kind of tastes useless.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Ohhh I have SO done that before! LOL

My name is Sarah said...

Oh my mom has done that before.

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