Friday, June 12, 2009

Flashback Friday

Charlie at 11 months. Look at that hair! He was a bald baby until about 8 months when it started growing straight up on top.


At 11 months old Charlie could roll over, sit unassisted, play a mean drum beat, and clap too. He could do a lot of fun things, but those seem like the major milestones at the time. I think our struggles at that point were communication, fine motor play, and eating and drinking. He just would not eat or drink anything! (You would never know from all the chub, though, eh?)

Boy, those days seem to have gone so quickly. I can remember thinking things like, "Will Charlie ever crawl?" "When will he be able to tell me what he wants?" "Am I going to have to breastfeed this child forever?" Now, when I begin to ponder the "will-he-ever's," I remind myself of those early days, and I know my answer is "yes." Yes, he will. Yes, he is capable. Just, in his own time.


Lisa said...

Thank you Kim. I often wonder, "when will she...?" "will she be able to...?" I guess I just need to take things one day at a time.

BrendaLou said...

Do NOT ever, EVER think that Charlie is "delayed." God's timing is not only good, it is the BEST! Charlie already knows more about heaven than any of us! You can see it in his eyes. Kim, you and Raymond are my heroes.

TnT said...

I love this photo of chubby, happy Charlie. I just want to kiss him and pinch his cheeks. He is unspeakably adorable. I love your updates on your boys.

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