Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Potty Training Update

Was just discussing potty-ing with one of Charlie's care providers. Apparently he was willing to sit on the potty at preschool today (a first), and even used a tissue to wipe, though he did not actually "do" anything.

At home Charlie is going poop in the potty about every 2 or 3 days (the other days he goes in his diaper, or as he did one time last week, the floor). He is really excited when he does it. Have not worked on going pee yet. I don't think he is really clued in to that particular body function at this point. I am told it helps to just let kids run around the yard buck-naked so it is easy to notice when they go. I just don't know about that. We haven't a fence here, so he would be quite exposed, and it is a lot of work for me to keep him from dashing off. I think the neighbors would really start to wonder if they saw me running down the alley after a totally naked toddler very often.

Anyway, there is progress, and we are proud of our part time potty pooper. :)

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Lisa said...

Yay Charlie! That is such a huge big boy milestone. With Geneva we used the book "Toilet Training in Less Than a Day" and I remember it having a section for children with special needs. Our library had it. You basically spend one day completely focused on going potty. It involves a lot of drinks and salty treats and first you demonstrate with a doll. (we didn't have a special doll so I just discreetly squirted water from a syringe behind the doll.) It's interesting how every kid is different. With Caleb we didn't use that method. We just followed his lead and are much more laid back about it. It's a longer process for him right now but he's starting to get it.

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