Monday, July 27, 2009

Language Development

Here's a little exchange between Charlie and I the other day:

(Boy walks up with his helicopter in two pieces.)

Charlie: "Mama." (Smug smile on face.)

Me: "Hi Charlie."

Charlie: (Offers broken helicopter up.) "Pancake?"

Me: (???) "Hmm... Do you mean 'fix-it'?"

Charlie: (Big smile, nods head.) "Fis-it!"

Me: "Okay." (Snap) "Here you go, Bud."

Charlie: "Ank-ooo." (Twinkle in eye.)

Me: "Your welcome, Buddy."

(Happy boy walks away with a helicopter in one piece.)


heidi marie said...

new to your blog. i found it from my special k's blog. just wanted to say hi and that your boys are adorable!!!

Amy said...

lol thats just too cute. :)

sarah said...

LOVE IT!! Sweetest thing ever!!!

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