Thursday, August 20, 2009

You can't only have vegetables for dinner: A Meal Time Update

It struck me as it came out of my mouth what an unusual thing it is among parents of 17 month olds to admonish the youngster to lay off the roughage. I love that Calvin loves veggies! But sometimes his vegetable-love leads to avoiding other healthy foods on his tray. Tonight it was cherry tomatoes (technically a fruit), steamed broccoli and beats from our garden. We had some yummy lentils and rice too, but all Calvin wanted was the veggies. The boy is getting so lean, so I do worry that he get enough fats. (Good thing he is still such an enthusiastic nursling.)

Charlie on the other hand, loves the tomatoes, but rarely touches veggies. Well, he does like corn! He did great with the lentils and rice (which was a pleasant surprise) as long as we added some sour cream, or "keem" as he calls it. He has also been making great strides drinking from an open cup, and used his big boy cup all through dinner with just a little bit of assistance. He tends to bring the cup away from his mouth without tipping it back up when left to himself. We are trying to help him understand that it is no big deal if he spills. I think cup drinking has in part come along so slowly because Charlie tends to have a lot of anxiety about liquid spills.

Anyway, a little meal time update for you!

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