Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Amazing Day

Today is one of those days that just feels great. Nothing exciting, new, or extraordinary has happened at all. Which, I suppose, is really how I like things.

It is raining. The first good storm of the season. As I was about town this morning people were complaining about the absence of the rain. The forecast has called for heavy storms, and the sky has promised us rain for two days, yet until this afternoon there was none. It rains a lot here on the far north coast of California, and the locals aren't always so hungry for rain. I think it was just the feeling in the air, the warmth that low cloud cover brings, the wind from the south. We were all living in anticipation for this storm, and it is finally here. Ah, comfy.

The boys are both napping. It probably won't last long, but I was able to get them both down to sleep at the same time. This is a new occurance, and it is so wonderful. Bedtime and nap time have been the one really stressful part of having two boys so close in (developmental) age. It is such a relief to bring them both into the bedroom at the same time, read a couple books, then get Charlie settled in his bed while I nurse Calvin. Then, they both fall asleep, listening to each others noises, comforted by their buddy just across the room. It is sweet. It is sweet for me to not have to need the TV to babysit one while I get the other down. That feels so good. It is sweet to see them settle in to each other's presence. It is sweet to get them down for naps and bed in half the time it took before.

Today just feels so good. The sound of the rain, and the way it makes the air feel. The quiet of the house, with two boys settled in for a sleep. The appreciation of "this too shall pass" having come to pass.

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SunflowerMom said...

Sounds like heaven to me! Glad you are enjoying a peaceful day!

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