Friday, October 30, 2009

Gettin' Some Treats!

I can't say our family is all that in to Halloween. But, we play along a little bit by letting the boys get dressed up and participating in some low key fesitivities.

Today Charlie's Special Ed School hosted a costume parade and trick-or-treating at the classrooms throughout the school. So, Calvin and I made the drive to meet up with Charlie for some fun activities!

I think Charlie is saying, "Hey, what are YOU doing here?!"

Charlie is dressed up as a carpenter, complete with hard hat and hammer. Specifically he is "Bob the Builder" a favorite character of his. Calvin is dressed as a train conductor.


We had a wonderful time meeting some of the parents of kids in Charlie's class, and going around the school getting treats from teachers and students. Many of the staff stopped me to tell me how darling they think Charlie is, and that they just love it when they get to see him around campus. Ah, they know how to make a mother's heart swell!


Lisa said...

I love that first picture! In our home it's such a joy seeing Geneva and Caleb pal around like the best of friends. I'm thinking you see that at your house too.

katie said...

Why does it not surprise me that one of you boys is dressed up in complete train conductor get up? I love the pictures, buddies for life. I love all the pumpkin ones, too, in the previous post, especially the wet one!

SunflowerMom said...

Kim, you won the Rocking Pony giveaway on my blog! Woot!

Your boys are looking so cute in their costumes! How fun that Calvin got to go to Charlie's school party.

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