Friday, October 23, 2009

So Much Illness

There is so much illness going on in this house. Well, I'm not sick (miraculously), but the boys are sick, sick, sick. Even Ray had a touch of this bug the past few days, though mild with his Super Star Immune System and all.

Calvin spiked a fever last week on Thursday. That was the start of it.

His fever only lasted for half a day, but then the nose started to seep. And the cough--that 'wonderful' Humboldt cruddy cough--appeared.

Charlie started to feel unwell on Sunday. The nose started up, then the cough. On Monday he spiked a fever. That lasted for a day. Tuesday was a bit better, Wednesday better yet. Finally I sent both boys to school/day care on Thursday thinking, "Boy, I'm glad THAT is over."

Got a call from the school. Charlie is sitting like a lump int he corner. He doesn't seem to feel good. "He's not crying or anything," they say. It is close to pick-up time, so I decide not to fetch him early.

When I got to the school to pick up the boys, I see Calvin asleep in the teachers arms. NOT like him to do that, AT ALL. He had suddenly spiked a fever just 10 minutes earlier, and immediately fell asleep when the teacher picked him up.

So, now there are two boys feeling crummy. Awesome.

Today, Calvin continues to have a fever and a cough. He is a pretty cheery sick person. It is really amazing how this kid goes to any measure to make sure he is not missing out on anything.

Charlie has no fever, but he is quite worn out. His nose is disgusting, and his cough has not gotten any better. For Charlie, being sick usually means he is either laying on the floor moaning, or in the big chair watching a movie. I think we have watched every kid movie we own, and maybe a couple old movies not made for kids, but the fact that they are old make them family appropriate, if not understood by the boys.

It has been precious to have so many sought out hugs and cuddles from the boys this week. I hate for them to feel poorly, though. I hope all this illness is over really soon.

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Mama MollyJoy said...

Oh no, Kim! I will be praying. Ella and I have been praying for our health, and our family and friends' health everyday. God is in control and He will not give you more than you can handle! Love ya!

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