Monday, October 5, 2009

The Way Charlie Says It

There are words that Charlie says in his own little boy way. You know, incorrectly, if you really want to be technical.

We like it though, and often find ourselves using the Charlie version instead of the version found in Webster's Dictionary.

For example, this morning for breakfast we had Daddy's special "Biskicks". Sometimes Daddy whips up some yummy "cake-cakes". I like when he does that. Most mornings we simply have "meal-meal" though. One of our favorite special treats in this house, "Choc-ick."

Charlie tends to leave the beginning consonant off of a lot of words, so instead of hearing our names as Daddy, Calvin, and Kim (usually he calls me mommy, but not when he is calling to me from afar), we are called "Addy," "Alvin," and "Im" (he leaves the "r" on "ray" and the "m" on "mommy" for whatever reason). His own name he pronounces "Chawie."

Lately he has been making many pretend phone calls which he begins by saying, "He-yo, haw you?" and ends with. "umm hmm, bye bye!"

Rascal number 2 gets in on the fun as well. I often find myself using Calvin's version of the word "brother" instead of the proper term. Calvin says, "Brubber". In fact I've never heard Calvin utter Charlie's name, he simply calls him "Brubber".

And it's funny, the boy's language evolves so quickly. They will learn a word, complete with creative toddler pronunciation, and before the week is out the word has new sounds and is a much closer approximation. Some other word versions seem to stick for a while, like Calvin's use of "Brubber".

I really enjoy these adorable word interpretations, although my own learning curve for understanding emerging words probably needs improvement if you ask Charlie!


Julie said...

Write ALL those down Kim, before you forget. We've had lots of fun remembering how my big kids used to say stuff, and I still use the Andrew version of some things (anyone want a bwana?)!

BrendaLou said...

Kim, at our house we still refer to "fimmers". You know, you have 10 of them on your hands. That dates back in our family for more than 34 years!

SunflowerMom said...

Those are so wonderful, good for you for writing them down! Aidan had so many cute words when he was a toddler that Doug and I adapted. It's funny how it sometimes seems harder for us to let go of those "baby" words than it did him.

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