Sunday, November 8, 2009

All Natural

One of the things that gives me so much pleasure as a parent of these boys is simply to behold the uniqueness in each of my kiddos. Their individual personalities: Charlie approaches new situations with careful consideration, slowly easing himself into the new environment until pretty soon he is running full steam ahead with utter confidence. Calvin enters a new situation with little reservation, meeting and greeting all those in the place and putting himself right to work in the business of play.

There are also their physical attributes. Charlie has a soft and sturdy little body. Calvin is thin and light. Charlie's eyes are something of a navy blue with white flecks. Calvin's are light brown with a ring of gray around the edges. Charlie's feet are short and wide. Calvin's are long and narrow.

And then, there are the bonuses. Quirky, random things about the boys that I think are like bows God added when he gave us the gifts that are Charlie and Calvin. Fun little extras thrown into the mix of their genes by a Creator who no doubt works with a twinkle in his eye.

Case in point: Calvin's All Natural Mullet.

I can't tell you how sweet this little curl at the back of Calvin's neck is for us. It is like a bit of icing on the cake of this amazing little soul.


It is a cause of wonder for all who notice it, as well. What in the world would cause one small section of scalp to grow hair so fast? And why is it the only part that grows in a curl?

Look how long it is when straightened out. Really!


It is starting to get very long, and at times feathers out a bit for a fuller curl. Other times it bounces behind him when he walks. We will cut it off eventually, and no doubt preserve it in a zip lock bag, so one day we might show a future sweet heart Calvin's all natural mullet in addition to the customary naked bath time photos. For now, though, we will enjoy it a bit longer, marveling at the many ways we are created with such care and thought, and even a bit of divine humor.

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SunflowerMom said...

Wow, what a curl! LOL I've never seen one grow out that long! It's adorable and definitely needs to be saved when the time comes.

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