Monday, November 16, 2009

Check-Ups and Check-Ins

Last week was time to Check-In with the boys teachers at the Children's Center. That's right, parent-teacher conference time.

Calvin's conference was a little weird for me because it seems so unnecessary to have a meeting to discuss his development. Truly, I do care about how he is doing, where in his development he is, and how I can adapt too support him where he is at. For Calvin, milestones and development is all about providing a safe environment in which to explore, and letting him take it from there. His personality is one of movement. I have often described him as industrious. He is curious and bright. He is learning so much right before my eyes. He is learning things I just did not know was possible for a 20 months old boy to learn. He is teaching me.

On to his conference: I love his teacher, and I love that he is able to attend the center. It is a blessing to his outgoing little soul to have some social time with a bunch of his little peers, and a chance to play somewhere with a lot of very neat activities going on. He is doing great, and feels very comfortable to be there. He knows the routine, and is becoming increasingly independent in his part in it. When we arrive he knows it is time to wash hands. I turn on the faucet for him and provide the squirt of soap (at his command, LOL), and he takes it from there. He puts his coat in his cubby, and gets right to work. Sometimes I get a hug when it is time for me to leave, but mostly it is just a wave as he is getting down to the work of play. His teacher shared that he is talking more and more. He is very independent, and does not seem to need teacher assistance or assurance in order to dive into a new activity. Currently his education plan includes encouraging him to point to and verbalize things he is looking at in a book, and encouraging him to wipe himself when having a diaper change. That's it!

Charlie also had a very positive conference. His teacher couldn't be more pleased to have him as a part of her class. She feels very good about how he benefits from participating in class. She said he does not talk much, except to express objection to something. Mostly he is busy doing. She said almost all of his free play involves dramatic (pretend) play, which was an IEP goal that we had, and I think we can cross it off as accomplished! He chooses to participate in circle time almost always, and prefers the messy, sensory table top activities. He pals around with a couple of little boys consistently, and tries to join in their play. He is also following complex sets of directions, and seems to be very well versed with the daily routine. Transitions go best when the teacher brings a physical object to Charlie that symbolizes what they want him to do next (like showing him a diaper when it is time to try the potty and get changed). I felt really great about this meeting. His goals are to continue to encourage participation in table top activities, and to continue to support his independence in the classroom.

Now, on to Check-Ups.

Charlie is due for a check-up in January, and I'll tell ya, our questions and concerns list keeps growing and growing, so I better ask for two time slots when I make that appointment!

Calvin had a check-up today, and it was great. He is now 26 pounds and 33 inches tall. His hemoglobin was back down below average (10.6) after finally creeping back into the normal range at our last appointment, so we need to focus on that again. No worries, though. It just means we need to actually remember to give him his multivitamin, and sneak some iron rich foods in more often. Yay for Kidney Beans!

The appointment concluded with two boys getting flu shots and taking it like men. I don't know how I ended up with children who recover so quickly from the shear inconsiderate-ness of getting "a poke". I should get them t-shirts that say "Will get Vaccinated for Stickers," 'cause really, at the end of the appointment, it is all about getting that sticker.

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SunflowerMom said...

It sounds like the are both doing great on all accounts! Your shirt idea is too funny! What brave boys!

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