Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Potty Training Inch Stones

I once heard another mother of a child with Special Needs refer to her child's developmental progress as "Inch Stones". You know, instead of "Mile Stones". I can't think of a more appropriate term for a child whose accomplishments are measured in increments. Two steps forward, one step back, one step to the side, now turn around, and yeah, I think we are still ahead of where we began.

I would have to really look back on this blog to find my first post on Potty Training. In fact, it seems that every few months I write about a small amount of progress we have made toward being diaper free. Most of our potty efforts lately have focused on getting Charlie comfortable with the idea of sitting on the potty at all. For a while he was really excited about it, now he is terrified of the big potty, and only slightly tolerant of his little potty. Why? I have not idea. It's just Charlie.

I am happy to report, however, that Charlie has decided it is okay to do a number 2 on his little potty. It is a fun sight here in the house. He only gives us about 30 seconds notice, so when we hear him say that one little word, "poop", everybody scrambles! One of us is running to fetch the potty, the other is helping him off with his clothes. If all goes well, he is quite happy to sit on his little pot, whilst holding a toy or a book, to do his little business.

This has happened a total of 3 times this week. I think it is safe to say, "Inch stone accomplished!"

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BrendaLou said...

yea, Charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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