Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Boy is Four!


Look how big and strong you have grown! Can you believe that at this time four years ago your daddy and I were just getting ready to head home with out first son to begin our lives with you. What an exciting time!

In four years so much has happened. So much accomplished. So much learned.

You are amazing, son. We pray for you daily, and for ourselves that we will know how to guide and teach you as you make your way in this life. We love you so much, and we are so very proud of our big boy.



SunflowerMom said...

Happy birthday, Charlie! You are a fabulous four year old!!!

Lisa said...

Happy birthday Charlie! Tell Mommy to take you Don's Donuts for a birthday buttermilk donut ;)

blcmec1 said...

Hi Kim - This is Maureen from downsyn(momtoseven) I just read your post from nov.3 - just wanted you to know it was beautiful. Your boys are adorable! PS. Happy belated Birthday to Charlie!!

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